Group2 (Legend Symbols)

Long holder

Extension electrode holder for MO-10.

By substituting the MO-8HL long holder for the electrode holder section of the MO-10 and MDO-84, this model can elongate the total length to 170mm. This is an effective solution when the electrode is not long enough to reach the sample, or when the operator wants to make the setting closer to the sample.


* The upper photo shows the MO-10 with its electrode holder section substituted by the MO-8HL.
The lower photo shows the MO-10 with its regular holder.


Dimensions/Weight W31.5 × D10 × H75mm, 50g

* Two types of holders are available; one holder is used for both ø1mm and ø1.5mm electrode, and the other holder is used exclusively for ø2mm electrode.