Used to combine two ø6mm bars.

The UX-6-6 X-block is used to combine two kinds of bars, enabling you to fix two kinds of bars vertically, which is necessary for combining a magnetic stand with a manipulator. With the fixing screws aligned in one direction, it takes up minimal space. Recommended for use in combination with a ø6mm bar and a magnet stand for ø6mm bar (USM-6).


* USM-6 sold separately.


Type UX-6-6 UX-6-10 UX-10-10 UX-4-10
Bar diameters ø6mm × ø6mm ø6mm × ø10mm ø10mm × ø10mm ø4mm × ø10mm
Dimensions/Weight W23 × D12 × 25mm, 8g W29 × D12 × H31mm, 12g W28 × D28 × H26mm, 44g W36 × D12 × H26mm, 22g