Compact Head Holding Device (for Mice/Newborn Rats)

Converting SR series to instruments for mice or newborn rats.

This head holding device can be attached to the SR series, and is suitable for newborn rats or mice. As required for small heads, the instrument allows fine adjustment in many places of the head (mouth and nose) fixing section, and the auxiliary ear bar. This lets the operator examine the fixing state and feel whether or not it is correct with the fingertips. The tip of the ear bar can be made according to the user's purpose (firm fixation, or for experiments in which ear drum damage must be avoided). Please consult us with your particular requirement.


* For mice/newborn rats with completely developed ear canal.


Accessories included Dedicated Auxiliary Ear Bar
Hex Wrench
Mounting Knob
Dimensions/Weight W300 × D120 × H77mm, 2.1kg

* The anesthetic mask (GM-3/GM-4) cannot be attached to this head holder.