Attachment made for SMM series to fix a syringe or injection holder

This attachment is intended to hold and move an additional tool with a shaft with 8mm O.D. With this attachment, a micromanipulator from SMM series can hold two holders at a time. By using the screw holes on the side of X-axis unit of the SMM series, the attachment is fixed with screws, then the additional tool can be slid its position one end to the other. When one from the SMM series is tilted or used with IMS-20, this attachment helps to position the tip of holder not to situate beyond the median line.


SR-5M-HT + SMM-100 + SMM-A setting example

The setting example of adding the IMS-20

When tilting the micromanipulator toward ML direction, the attachment SMM-A is recommended.

When the manipulator SMM-100/200 is tilted in the ML direction, the end of the holder (electrode tip) may far off from animal's head. The attachment SMM-A is designed to attach a holder on the side of manipulator, so it enables the holder position without operating the X-axis. To this end, the holder (electrode tip) can be set to the animal's head while maintaining driving distance of the X-axis.

The setting example of adding the IMS-20
SR-5M-HT + SMM-100 + SMM-A + IMS-20 setting example

Holders for SMM series

Description Attachment Holder for Neural Probes Holder for Neural Probes Cannula Holder Multiuse Holder Multiuse Holder


Accessories included Hex Wrench
Mounting Knob × 2
Dimensions/Weight W72 × D12 × H20mm, 62g