Mounting Adaptor

Type B2: Illumination-Pillar Mounting

The NN-H-4 can be attached onto Nikon inverted microscopes "DIAPHOT TMD300", "ECLIPSE TE200", "ECLIPSE TE300", "ECLIPSE TE2000-E", "ECLIPSE TE2000-U", "ECLIPSE TE2000-S", "ECLIPSE Ti-E", "ECLIPSE Ti-U" and "ECLIPSE Ti-S", suitable for hydraulic micromanipulators such as injection systems.


* When mounting the MMN-1 onto the NN-H-4, please use the NR or NR2.

* When mounting MMN-1 and oil hydraulic micromanipulator to Ti-E, Ti-U or Ti-S, P-10 is required on the left side.

* When mounting MM-94 and oil hydraulic micromanipulator to Ti-E/U/S, TE2000-E/U/S, TE300 or TE200, P-10 is required on both the left and right sides.

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