Oil Hydraulic System1:1 Cartridge (Legend Symbols)

Three-axis Hanging Joystick Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator

Upgraded MMO-202ND, usability is greatly improved.

The MMO-4 micromanipulator features an oil hydraulic joystick enabling smooth three-dimensional movement with a single lever. Conversion from right to left-hand use is no longer necessary. Improved Joystick which is the key of control, greatly reduces the risk of unwanted movement from the oil pressure. Hanging joystick enables users to manipulate comfortably with the arms and hands placed on the table. Operation is therefore done in a natural posture, and can be maintained for longer periods. Improved universal joint (UT-10) included, enables stable and accurate attachment of a pipette.


* For attachment to the microscope, a coarse manipulator and suitable mounting adaptor are required (sold separately).

* Select TypeB adaptor for mounting this manipulator in combination with MMN-1 coarse manipulator.

* Changing the universal joint included with the micromanipulator to the double pipette holder HD-21 (sold separately) enables performance of embryo biopsy.

* Changing the universal joint included with the micromanipulator to MMO-220A one-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator (sold separately) enables four-dimensional remote controlled movement.

* In combination with the return mechanism UT-R (sold separately), MMO-4 enables mechanisms to retract and return the pipette.


Accessories included IP Iron Plate
UT-10 Universal Joint (with Angle Gauge)
Movement range Fine X10mm, Y10mm, Z10mm
Full rotation of knob 250µm
Minimum graduation 2µm
Movement range Joystick (for maximum movement in X-Y plane) 2mm
Dimensions/Weight Control unit W177 × D70 × H178mm, 1.76kg
Drive unit W70 × D40 × H87mm, 168g
Hydraulic tube length 0.9m

System Diagram

System Diagram

System Diagram

Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors