New Product

Lens set 75x/525x

The set of eyepieces and objective lens designated for microforge MF2. This set is the best option to fire-polish an electrode for patch clamp recording that requires the tip diameter less than 2µm.


* Compatible with microforge MF-830 and MF-900 (previous models)

Image: eyepiece with micrometer

Eyepiece with micrometer Image of view

* The eyepiece can be rotated according to different orientation.

MF2: Optional lens

Model Product Magnifications in total Objective Lens Eyepiece Application
MF2-LS1 Lens set 50x/100x 50x/100x 5x, 10x 10x
10x with micrometer
For microinjection pipettes
MF2-LS2 Lens set 75x/525x 75x/525x 5x, 35x 15x
15x with micrometer
For patch clamp pipettes
MF2-LO35 35x Objective lens - 35x - -
MF2-LE15 15x Eyepiece set - - 15x
15x with micrometer


Dimensions/Weight Objective Lens 5x ø24mm × 31.5mm, 50g
Objective Lens 35x ø24mm × 42.6mm, 80g
Eyepiece 15x ø27.8mm × 34.5mm, 20g
Eyepiece 15x with micrometer ø27.8mm × 38mm, 30g