Lens set 50x/100x

The set of eyepieces and objective lens designated for microforge MF2. This set is the best option to make micropipettes for microinjection experiments that requires the work of cutting, fire-polishing, bending and forming a spike usually.


* Compatible with microforge MF-830 and MF-900 (previous models)

Image: eyepiece with micrometer

Eyepiece with micrometer Image of view

* The eyepiece can be rotated according to different orientation.

MF2: Optional lens

Model Product Magnifications in total Objective Lens Eyepiece Application
MF2-LS1 Lens set 50x/100x 50x/100x 5x, 10x 10x
10x with micrometer
For microinjection pipettes
MF2-LE15 15x Eyepiece set - - 15x
15x with micrometer


Dimensions/Weight Objective Lens 5x ø24mm × 31.5mm, 50g
Objective Lens 10x ø24mm × 42mm, 80g
Eyepiece 10x ø27.8mm × 45mm, 30g
Eyepiece 10x with micrometer ø27.8mm × 48.5mm, 30g