Simple Head Holder Plate (for Mice)

For observations of a mouse under a microscope.

After bonding a chamber onto the head of a mouse on the SR-9M-HT Stereotaxic Instruments, the MAG-1 can be transferred and placed under a microscope or other experimental instrument for performing observations/experiments. Designed to be compact in size, the MAG-1 can be placed under a two-photon microscope or stereomicroscope.


* Attachable chambers: CF-10, CP-1, CP-2

MAG-1 + MAG-A Setting example

If the experiment will be performed with awake mice, use this product with MAG-A.



Accessory included CF-10 Chamber Frame (1pcs)
Dimensions/Weight W96 × D84 × H42mm, Approx. 102g

* The chamber frame is customizable to your own application. Please contact us for details.

* The CFR-1 / CFR-2 Chamber Frame (for rats) can NOT be attached.

System Diagram

System Diagram

System Diagram

Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors