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Electric Microinjector

Ideal for DNA injection with Electric Microinjector

Setting the time and pressure in advance makes it possible to inject very small volumes of liquid with great precision. Intuitive operation via touch panel, memory function can store the setting value. The easy-to-insert fitting mechanism is incorporated in the tubing connection, making more easier installation.


* A compressor or cylinder (air, nitrogen, etc.) + regulator are required to use this device.

* Using with IM-400B (sold separately), suction and filling the solution from pipette tip are available.


Accessories included Connecting cable for operation unit (2.9m)
Injection holder (HI-9)
Injection tube (CT-4, ø2mm × 1.2m)
Gas input hose (ø6mm × 2m, ø6mm × 1m)
Tube fitting for gas input hose
T-joint with a pressure relief valve
Foot switch (connecting cable 2.9m)
Power cord (1.5m)
Silicone rubber gasket (HI01PK01)
Gas input/output Gas input port for ø6mm diameter hose
Gas output port for ø2mm diameter tube
Supply pressure 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa
Gas pressure Injection/Balance pressure 0 and 0.005 ~ 0.5MPa
Flushing pressure 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa
Power supply AC100V ~ AC240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Fuse rating T1A/250V (EN60127-2 sheet3)
Dimensions/Weight Control box W120 × D211 × H264mm, 3.1kg
Operation unit W130 × D153 × H61.5mm, 780g

* The tube fitting for gas input hose is "KQ2H06-02AS" (SMC). When connecting a regulator or a compressor, make appropriate connections in accordance with the tube fitting.


Model Product Description
HI01PK01 Silicone Rubber Gasket For 2.5mm (10 pcs)

System Diagram

System Diagram

System Diagram

Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors