Injection Holder (for Pneumatic Injector)

An injection holder with fitting.

The HI-9 injection holder is designed exclusively for pneumatic injectors, which can hold pipettes with ø1mm outer diameter. Fitting mechanism permits simple one-touch insertion/ removal of the tubing CT-4 and prevents formation of kinks and twists in the tubing. Also provided with the HIR Rotating Adjustable Clamp that facilitates setting with a bent-tip pipette.


* HI-9 cannot be used for oil-type injectors.


Accessories included Silicone Rubber Gasket (HI01PK01)
Cleaning Rod
Length/Weight L155mm, 18.6g
Mounting pipette ø1mm O.D.

* HI-7 is required for use with IM-6, IM-9B and IM-9C.


Model Product Description
HI01PK01 Silicone Rubber Gasket For 2.5mm (10pcs)
CT-4 Tubing for ø2mm ø2mm × 1.2m

* The fitting as a single part is NOT sold seperately. Please contact us for details.