Chamber Frame (for Rats)

Chamber frame for chronic experiments on rats.

The chamber frame CFR-2 can be bonded onto the head of a rat for stereotaxic fixation, which facilitates repeated fixation in an unanesthetized rat. This chamber frame is designed to be thin but robust, and covers a large observation area for accessing to the anterior or posterior region. Many electrodes or capillaries at the same time can be easily approached. In addition, the frame has four holes to fasten a cover plate with screws for experiment of using cranial window technique. Sold per pack of 5 pieces.


* Attachable products: Stereotaxic instruments for chronic experiments on rats: SR-10R-HT

* This chamber frame can be used for common marmosets when using with SR-10R-HT and CA-6.


Dimensions/Weight W50 × D25 × H2mm, 8g W50 × D30 × H2mm, 8g
Contents 10 pcs 5 pcs

* The chamber frame is customizable to your own application. Please contact us for details.

* Can NOT be attached to the SR-9M-HT, SR-9AM, MAG-1, MAG-2, MAG-3 (for Mice).