Patch Clamp Headstage Holder (with Ball Joint)

This is a headstage adapter for the Axon Multi Clamp 700B (CV-7B) and Heka EPC-10 on the manipulator. With the APB-13, the headstage can be attached to the manipulator via the attachment bar. The angle of headstage can be flexibly adjusted and locked with the ball joint.


When using with the EPC-10, the headstage mounting bracket (-a plate with dovetail) is provided by HEKA.

AP-13-2 AP-13-3 APB-13
AP-13-2 AP-13-3 APB-13
For attaching to B-9
(Block-equipped for B-9)
For attaching either solid universal joint
or various manipulators
(Block-equipped type for various types)
For Manipulators (with Ball Joint)

* The holder can be selected according to each maker's model and manipulator. For details, please refer to the following correspondent combination table.


Accessory included Mounting Screw
Hex wrench
Dimensions/Weight W82 × D26 × H57mm, 70g