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Stage with AP Frame Bars (for Common Marmoset Chair)

The stage used with the common marmoset chair for electro-physiology experiment

This is an optional product for the common marmoset chair (SH-100) which is able to attach a stereotaxic micromanipulator. The stage is adaptable for use with a wide variety of experiments because it has two AP frame bars. Once a marmoset is fixed in position with stereotaxic instruments (SR-5C-HT), it is applicable for a chronic experiment by gluing pipes for the head fixation (SH-100B) which can be operated by using a holder for the head fixation pipe (SH-100C).


* When it is in the position where is 20mm or less in a part fixing of the neck lower part of SH-100 than the top side of pipe, it is fixable. However, when it is in the higher position than 20mm, it is not possible to fix.


Accessories included Hex Wrench
SH-100B × 2
Guide pipe × 2
Dimensions/Weight W290 × D240 × H60mm, 3.2kg