Stereotaxic Micromanipulator

Micromanipulator special to DMA-1610.

The SM-11-HT stereotaxic micromanipulator (without the Z-axis fine movement unit of SM-11) is designed exclusively for DMA-1610. It can be mounted on the AP frame bar of stereotaxic instruments and has fine movement units on X and Y axis, the scales of which are a full rotation of 500µm, divided by 50 so that precise adjustments of minimum increment of 10µm are possible. A sliding mechanism of DMA-1610 enables approximate positioning of the X-axis. A rotation mechanism is equipped for each of the X-Y and Y-Z planes, which allows approach from any required tilting angle. Easy-to-use scales are also provided wherever necessary, for operations following a brain chart.


* Stereotaxic instruments and motorized micromanipulators are sold separately.

* When attaching oil hydraulic micromanipulator (MO-10/MO-83), refer to SM-11.


Movement range Coarse Z60mm
Fine X30mm, Y30mm
Full rotation of knob: 500µm
Minimum graduation: 10µm
Dimensions/Weight W95 × D90 × H225mm, 1.4kg