Mounting Adaptor

Type B2: Illumination-Pillar Mounting

The NO-PIX-3 can be attached onto Olympus inverted microscopes "IX51", "IX71" and "IX81", suitable for hydraulic micromanipulators such as injection systems.


* If the IX51 is equipped with the IX2-ILL30 (30W Transmitted Light Illumination Pillar), please choose the NO-ADK.

* To mount the MMN-1 onto the NO-PIX-3, the NR / NR2 and P-6-2 are required separately.

* When attaching the NO-PIX-3 to the IX81, manipulators can NOT be mounted on the left side of the microscope as you face it due to interference with the condenser of the microscope. If you wish to mount the manipulators on the left side, contact us for consultation.

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