Mounting Adaptor

Type B2: Illumination-Pillar Mounting

The NL-17 can be attached onto Leica stereo microscope bases: "TL3000 ST"(Old model TLST), "TL4000 BFDF"(Old model TLBFDF), "TL4000 RC"(Old model TLRC), "TL4000 RCI"(Old model TLRCI), and "TL5000 Ergo", suitable for hydraulic micromanipulators such as injection systems.


* When mounting the MMN-1 onto the NL-17 please use the NR or NR2.

* If microsope is equipped with the multi contrast illumination (MCI), NL-17 can NOT be attached.

* When used with the objective revolver (nosepiece), please contact us for special order.

* If stereo microsope is equipped with incident-light, it cannot be attached. Please contact us for special order.

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