Mounting Adaptors

for Olympus Microscopes

Microscope/Adaptor Combinations (for Injection Systems)

Microscope Stage Side Mounting Type Illumination Pillar Mounting Type
Inverted type IX73/83 - NO-PIX-5*1, *2

Special Order

CKX53 NO-AD-2 NO-ADK-2*4

Special Order

Special Order

Stereo type SZX9/10/12/16 - NO-SZX2A*1, *5

* Various adaptors for older or discontinued models of microscope are also available upon request. For further information, please contact your local Narishige representative.

*1. When attaching MMN-1 to NO-PIX-5 or NO-SZX2A, please use NR or NR2.

*2. When mounting MM-94B and oil hydraulic micromanipulator to IX73 (when using a spindle observation device) or IX83 (when using an electric condenser), P-10 is required on the left side.

*3. When attaching MMN-1 to NO-PIX-3, the NR / NR2 and P-6-2 are required separately.

*4. NO-ADK-2 is NOT available for MMN-1.

*5. For the attachable stands, please refer to "NO-SZX2A Adaptability to Light Stand".

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