Compliance with CE standards (Legend Symbols)

Compact Drill for Stereotaxic Instruments

This product is compatible with CE marking, however, not available in China.

For compact-drill mountable on the SMM series and SM-15

This compact tool enables accurate drilling of animal skulls. Drill bits are already included as accessories with round/straight type that frequently used for animal experiments. The dedicated drill holder is also included to enable mounting on the stereotaxic micromanipulator (SMM series: SMM-100 / SMM-200 and SM-15R/L, for instance) for precise drilling at any selected position.


* When using with SM-15 that equipped with a screw of an old type, SM-15A-2 is required. (Sold separately)


Accessories included Drill bits Round type: ø0.5mm × 1, ø1mm × 1
Straight type: ø0.5mm × 1, ø1mm × 1
Drill holder
Rubber cradle
Fuse × 2
Collet chuck (ø3.0)
Joint shaft hold plate
AC Power cord
Hex Wrench
Power consumption 43W
Working voltage AC115V ±5%, 50/60Hz
AC230V ±5%, 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC1 ~ 30V
Fuse volume 2A (for Model AC115V)
1A (for Model AC230V)
Dimensions/Weight Drill W160 × D29mm, 250g, Connecting Cable (1.5m)
Control unit W144 × D218 × H116mm, 2.5kg