The Essentials to Micromanipulation

What it takes to perform micromanipulation (and microinjection) is as follows.

The following instruments are required to produce and fabricate micropipettes/microelectrodes.

Micropipette/Microelectrode Puller

It is used to pull a glass capillary into a micropipette/microelectrode.


It is used to break, fire-polish, put a spike on or bend a micropipette/microelectrode.

Micropipette/Microelectrode Grinder

It is used to bevel the tip of a micropipette/microelectrode.

It is important that micromanipulators used in electrophysiology, particularly for slice patch clamping, be free from vibration and drift. Anything that causes a micropipette to move can ruin an experiment. Therefore, micromanipulators used for this type of work need to be securely mounted and allow only minimal drift.