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Head Holder for Rats (MRI-compatible)

For narrow space in an MRI scanner.

This head holder comes with a holder and a base of 100% plastic and is used in MRI. The animal's head can be firmly held in place at three-points (mouth, nose and ears). The size of the SGP-3 for rats is kept to just under 70mm when the holder is detached from the base. If an MRI scanner has a small opening, the animal can be held in place to pass through the scanner. This allows measurements even when using small MRI scanners. The SGP-3 is for rats and the SGP-4 is for mice.



Dimensions/Weight W 150 ~ 195 × D 60 × H 47 ~ 67mm, 77g

* The anesthetic mask (GM-3) cannot be attached to this head holder.