Mounting Adaptors

for Leica Microscopes

Microscope / Adaptor Combinations (for Injection Systems)

Microscope Stage Side Mounting Type Illumination Pillar Mounting Type
Inverted type DMi8*1 - NL-18
DMI3000B/4000B/6000B - NL-15*2
DMi8*1, DMIL

Special Order

Stereo type M125, M165C, M205C, M205FA - NL-17*2, *3, *4, *5
M50, M80, MZ10F - NL-17*2, *5

* Various adaptors for older or discontinued models of microscope are also available upon request. For further information, please contact your local Narishige representative.

* When used with the TL3000 ST(Old model TLST), TL4000 BFDF(Old model TLBFDF), TL4000 RC(Old model TLRC), TL4000 RCI(Old model TLRCI), and TL5000 ergo bases, please use the NL-17.

*1. DMi8 requires adaptors not listed above. Please contact us for mounting DMi8.

*2. When attaching MMN-1 to NL-15 or NL-17, please use the NR or NR2.

*3. If microscope is equipped with the multi contrast illumination (MCI), NL-17 can NOT be attached.

*4. When used with the objective revolver (nosepiece), please contact us for special order.

*5. If stereo microscope is equipped with incident-light, it cannot be attached. Please contact us for special order.

Associated Information

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